Boy Surrenders His Puppy At Shelter, To Keep Him Safe From Being Beaten By His Dad


A Mexican 12-year-old boy called Andrés was heart-breaking forced to leave his lovable pup on the doorstep of Refugio Xollin, a rescue group in Michoacan, Mexico, hoping he would be protected there.

The shelter found a pit bull pup inside a cardboard box with a note and a plush toy. The note read that he surrendered the dog to the shelter as his father was planning to sell him, and was always beating him! So, the boy just wanted to protect his dog by leaving him at the doorstep of the shelter.

The story was shared on Facebook and many people praise the boy and even offered their help.

The shelter named the dog, who was suffering from parasites, and his tail had minor fractures, Rene. Thankfully, the staff of the shelter is making sure that Rene will receive the best treatment and care.

Hundreds of people applied to adopt Rene after seeing his story on Facebook, which means that he will be in a forever home soon. Thanks to the heroic action by Andrés!


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