Furniture store leaves out mattress so stray dogs have a place to sleep


Many stray dogs exist across the world, either fending for himself or relying on the goodwill of strangers to get by.

It’s a difficult life, but in some areas, it’s part of the tradition to look after these street animals, providing food and shelter wherever feasible.

Turkey is famed for its affection for street dogs and cats, with many establishments providing refuge during the chilly winter months.

And one company is ensuring that certain stray dogs have a nice spot to relax.

On his way to work, Dr. Cem Baykal frequently passes by Istikbal Mobile, a furniture company, but recently he observed something odd outside that drew his attention.

Outside the store, two stray dogs were cuddled up asleep. But, unlike other stray dogs, they weren’t lying on the ground… they were sleeping on a mattress!

Bu rastgele bir durum değil, kızıltoprak istikbal mağazası yıllardır bu arkadaşlar için dışarı ambalajında bir yatak koyuyor. Bu ikili de sürekli orada. Güzel insanlar var çevrede. @istikbal— Cem BAYKAL (@cem_baykal) January 25, 2021

The mattress had clearly been placed out for them by the store’s proprietors.

“The owner of this shop puts one of the beds (with a plastic cover on it) in front of the shop,” Baykal told The Dodo. “This bed may be the one they sell that day or it may be one of the incoming ones.”

“These two stray dogs lay and sleep there every time.”

He told The Dodo that he’s become acquainted with the good dogs and that one of them once assisted him across the street on a rainy day.

He also claims that the store goes out of its way to assist local stray animals. In the summer, they also serve as a source of water and shade.

This furniture company goes above and beyond in an area where people are known to be kind to these creatures.

“This street is known as a rich area and everyone gives food or water to the local dog and cats, but no one supplies quality bedding to them normally,” Baykal explained. “This shop does.”

Source:Shutterstock,The Dodo,@istikbal

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