Androids are robots that closely resemble people, and some are so realistic that you might mistake them for humans if you don’t pay attention! A Geminoid is a special type of android that doesn’t just broadly resemble a human; it is meant to look like a specific person. The word “Geminoid” comes from the Latin word geminus, which means twin—geminoid literally means “like a twin.” If you had a Geminoid, it would look just like you. Although a Geminoid might look light a person, it doesn’t yet have the brains to behave like one. Instead, it is controlled remotely, or pre-programmed to display simple behaviors, like greeting hello, or singing a song. Now imagine that instead of traveling thousands of kilometers to visit your family or to give a performance, you could send a robot that looks just like you. What if you could use remote control to make it talk and behave like you? This is called telepresence, since you’re tele-operating (remote controlling) a physical presence (a robot) that is somewhere else. Telepresence raises a lot of questions about the importance of human presence. If you have a robot that looks just like you and behaves just like you, is that robot the same as you? Does the person listening to the robot feel like you are there? If you are remote controlling this robot, do you feel like you are there? Researchers controlling their Geminoid remotely have noticed that they felt as though they had been touched, when in fact someone was touching their Geminoid somewhere else! Why does Geminoid F look the way it does?

By Arttyone


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