Homeless woman refuses to go to shelter because they won’t let her bring her dogs

Dogs are the most faithful and best buddies you can have. Every day, people from various walks of life, from millionaires to the homeless, rely on their companionship.

Humans often return the goodness of dogs, such as one woman who, despite having nothing, constantly prioritizes her dogs. When her touching story went viral, a nice stranger stepped forward to help her.

Photographer Omar Camarillo snapped a tragic image last month: a homeless woman on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, wrapped only in rubbish bags for warmth and alone with her six pets.

According to Bored Panda, the woman is 65-year-old Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran, who is known as “Chole.” She’s been living on the street for eight years.

Chole is photographed by Omar when she is approached by local police, who advise her to seek shelter before the deadly cold weather arrives. The woman, however, declined, claiming that the shelter isn’t pet-friendly and that she couldn’t leave her devoted pets behind.

Chole ultimately gave in and slept the night at her son’s house, according to Bored Panda. She was back on the streets the next day, returning to her pets.

Chole’s tale went viral quickly. Chole’s hardships with homelessness, as well as her devotion to her pets, affected many people.

“I was shocked by the conditions in which the woman lives,” Omar told Bored Panda. “I was able to realize that ‘La Chole’ has a great heart because she helps animals despite having many shortcomings.”

However, Alejandra Cordova Castro was so moved by the narrative that she decided to assist the woman herself.

“Her love for her dogs touched my heart,” Alejandra wrote on Facebook. “I have always believed that if you do not know how to love an animal you do not know how to love.”

Alejandra went out to find Chole and brought her water, food, blankets, and dog supplies.

Facebook/Alejandra Cordova Castro

Chole was extremely grateful for the act of kindness from a stranger: “She said thank you so many times that she made me cry,” Alejandra told Bored Panda.

Chole is now apparently sleeping at a run-down shelter, although she is able to see her dogs again. She dreams of having her own place where she may rescue even more pets.

Source: Facebook/Alejandra Cordova Castro ,Blanco y Negro, Bored Panda .


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