Sailors rescue dog after she was stranded on ice in the Arctic

Even dogs with thick coats might be vulnerable to the cold. Frostbite and hypothermia are risks they face. So one dog was recently in grave danger when she became stranded in one of the coldest spots on the planet: a sliver of Arctic sea ice!
Fortunately, a crew of Russian seamen just discovered the dog and assisted with the rescue.
The dog, a Samoyed named Aika, had wandered away from her community on a stroll and wound up stuck on a frozen block of sea ice, according to CNN and Russian media. She stayed for more than a week.

It’s difficult to image anyone finding the tiny puppy buried within all that ice — but happily, one crew happened to pass by and noticed her.

The crew of the Alexander Sannikov, a Russian icebreaker ship, was going through the ice fields when the dog came racing up to the ship’s side.

When they realized Aika was trapped, they set about luring her to safety.
“We put out the ladder, by which the dog climbed aboard on its own,” navigation assistant Evgeny Hagibin told Russian 1, per CNN.

Thankfully, Aika was in fantastic shape, and her tail was still wagging. While the Samoyed is well-suited to the cold, with a thick double coat suitable to its native Russia, Aika’s survival in the weather for so long is extraordinary.

But, owing to her new companions aboard the icebreaker ship, Aika was finally secure and warm.
The crew contacted the local village, and got in touch with Aika’s owners. “A few hours later, the animal was safely returned to the village,” Hagibin said, according to Reuters.

His family was relieved to see him again, and noted that Aika’s separation was unusual.
“The dog didn’t go anywhere without us, we have no idea how she got there,” said owner Svetlana Chereshneva.
Aika was finally home, relieved to be back on dry soil and thankful for her sailor heroes.
Source: Reuters , CNN .


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